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Tiba Plaza Apartments for Sale in Hurghada

Hurghada Discount Property

Tiba Royal & Tiba Plaza Apartments

2014 Special Offer! 
 12 Months Interest Free Payments

Tiba Plaza Buy an Off-Plan Apartment for Sale in Hurghada
Poolside Studios from £5,720 Reserve Yours online Today for £600!

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Lowest Off-Plan Prices Guaranteed!

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All Prices Shown are Direct from the Builder. 

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 Important Differences Between us & Other Real Estate Agents    

Here at Hurghada Discount Property, we pride ourselves on our professional, trustworthy and
honest service. We specialise in the sale of
Tiba Plaza Off -Plan Apartments , Inexpensive
Hurghada Furniture Packages
 & Hurghada Kitchens that are tailor made to suit your needs.
We also have Fully Finished  
Sea View Apartments for sale in Hurghada and a Special
Collection of Apartments and Villas for Sale in Hurghada Direct from their Owners. These
properties are for Sale at a discounted price because there are No Estate Agents Fees
to be paid on any subsequent sale. You simply negotiate direct with the Owner.

 1. We always have U.K. staff in 
 Hurghada to assist you and 90%
 of our sales are Tiba Off Plan.
. We guide you through the whole 
 purchase process and we are in   
 Hurghada to help, even after your
 purchase is complete. We are
 able to assist you with Visas etc. 
 Pictured left, is one of our February 2012 
 Photographs showing the progress of 
 Tiba Heights.

 When you buy a Tiba Plaza off plan Apartment in Hurghada with H.D.P. you get an unrivaled
service that includes a monthly photographic update of your chosen Apartment. You are also
welcome to join us on as many site visits as you wish and we will personally introduce you to the

4. If you are looking to sell property in Hurghada, you will be pleased to know that we advertise
Property in Hurghada Free from any Commission. Re-Sale Residential Property in Hurghada
can be advertised on our website from as little as £5.99 and as a seller, you get all the benefits 
of our websites with none of the Fees! As a Buyer, you benefit from a discounted price, as we
do not charge any commission on the sale of the property in Hurghada.

Sell Property in Hurghada Free from commission, Now!

5. We provide
Furniture Packages from as little as £3,450 that can be tailor made to suit
your needs, we work with you, to ensure that you get what you want. If you have had a look at
other Hurghada Furniture Packages, we think you will find our approach quite refreshing. 

We apply the same level of service to our
Hurghada Fitted Kitchens from just £950 made to
measure and professionally installed. 

Hurghada Furniture Packages            Hurghada Fitted Kitchens

"We understand the importance of making a decision to buy 
an Apartment for Sale in Hurghada, so we give you all the time you need

Whether you are contemplating Living in Egypt with a permanent Move to Hurghada,
looking for a perfect Holiday Property on the Red Sea or buying Hurghada Property as an
investment. We know how exciting and yet daunting it can seem, when you are in a foreign
country and considering purchasing an Apartment for Sale in Hurghada, Egypt.

"That's why, we make sure that we are with you every step of the way."

From your first viewing, through to providing you with a tailor made Hurghada Furniture Package
and assisting you to move into your new Apartment in Hurghada, Red Sea Egypt.

 Even after you have completed the 
 purchase of your Hurghada Property,
 we are always on hand to help and only
 a phone call away. 

 Our representatives in Hurghada, are 
 available every day from 8am - 11pm.

 As a U.K. based Red Sea Real Estate 
 Agents  with local representatives in
 Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt. We are 
 able to offer Apartments for sale in 
 Hurghada, at a discounted price. 

We work to U.K. Rules & Regulations, so we will never charge you, the buyer,  for our services. 
With over 10 years of first hand experience, a vast knowledge of the Hurghada Property Market
and 45% of our Off-Plan sales conducted with U.K. clients exclusively over the internet.

"You can relax in the knowledge that you are in safe hands."

Hurghada Discount Property - Furniture Packages & Fitted Kitchens


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New Build Tiba Plaza & Tiba Royal Off-Plan Developments

Tiba Plaza Off Plan Apartments for Sale in Hurghada 

Tiba Palace

Tiba Plaza & Tiba Royal Off Plan Apartments for Sale in Hurghada 

We have some excellent Tiba Plaza Off Plan Apartments for sale in Hurghada and they are
available at a discounted rate. P
urchase one of these Hurghada Off Plan Apartments whilst they
are under construction and you are likely to see a 30% to 40% increase in your investment upon

Tiba Plaza Off Plan Apartments for Sale are close to public beaches and only 10km from El
Gouna and Abu Tig Marina with its wide variety of shops, restaurants, cafes and bars.

Hurghada International Airport on the Red Sea is just 15 minutes away by taxi for around £4 sterling.

If you are looking to buy an off plan apartment in Hurghada, we are confident that we have
the lowest online prices for all Tiba Plaza off Plan Apartments in Hurghada. Our prices are
discounted, direct from the builder, there are no hidden charges and we have no administration

"So You can buy with confidence."

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 Lowest Prices for Tiba Plaza Off-Plan Apartments

"We understand that it can be a worry, having to put down a deposit on an Off Plan
Apartment for Sale in Hurghada that has not been fully completed."

So, we guarantee you the best service possible and only deal with
 an Award Winning, well respected Red Sea builder, who has 
 demonstrated his reliability in completing Off Plan Apartments
 for Sale in Hurghada on time.

his Red Sea company offer a 10 Year Building Guarantee and a
 12 month warranty for internal fixtures and fittings on all their
 Tiba Plaza off-Plan Apartments for Sale in Hurghada. 

Prices start from just £5,720
and the generous interest free payment schedule,
make owning a Tiba Plaza Off Plan  Apartment  in
Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt easily affordable.

"We oversee the Tiba Plaza project personally
and keep you updated with official documents
for every step of the purchase process, so you
always know what is happening."

Documentation you can expect:

Receipts for your Reservation Fee 

Receipts for your Deposit

International Money Transfer Documentation 

Documentation of Any Currency Exchanged

Documentation of the Prevailing Exchange Rate

Official Contract of Sale (x3) Upon Payment of the Deposit.

Receipts from the Builder, for all Instalments.

Receipt from the Builder, for Your Final 15% Payment.

Certificate of Sale, Signed in the Presence of a Court Judge.

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 "45% of our Off-Plan Sales are
 conducted  solely over the internet,
 so if you  are out of the country, there
 is no need to worry."

 We will email scanned copies of all necessary 
 documentation to you and when you visit 
 Hurghada, we will present all of the original 
 documents to you. Three Contracts of Sale,
signed by the builder, will be sent to you via DHL. You simply sign all three copies, keep two
for your own records and send one back to the return address via your chosen courier.

When you come to Hurghada to receive your keys, the builder will officially sign the apartment 
over to you in front of a Judge at a local court.

With a 28 day "Cooling Off Period" and a No quibble Return of Your Reservation Fee**
in the unlikely event that you should you change your mind.


"You can sleep soundly, knowing that you are dealing with Respected Professionals,
who will make sure that your interests are looked after."

 Lowest Priced Tiba Plaza Off Plan Apartments for Sale 

Just £600 Will Reserve your Apartment Online, Today!

N.B Depending on your payment method, a small fee may be applied by PayPal for using this service,
you will be informed of the exact amount and this will be deducted from your reservation fee.


Tiba Plaza 2014 Update

New Off Plan Apartments for Sale in Hurghada - Tiba Plaza

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Finished Apartments for Sale in Hurghada

 Tiba Tower 1

Central Apartments for Sale in Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt

If you like to see exactly what you are getting and buy an apartment in Hurghada
that is fully finished, we have just the place for you. As Red Sea Real Estate Agents,
we have a selection of  
Apartments for Sale in Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt

Generally, we only deal in apartments for sale in Hurghada that have been completed by
our "Tiba Builder" or apartments for sale in the same building as the owner of H.D.P.

We also have a selection of Hurghada Properties advertised direct by their owners and offered
for sale at a discounted price because we do not charge Estate Agent commission.

Thinking of Selling your Property in Hurghada?
You have come to the right place.

Take a look at our Commission Free Hurghada Property Sales Package

It is reassuring to know that both Tim Chisholm (Owner) and Barham Chisholm (Designer)
live in the buildings where we currently have finished apartments
for sale.

" We only sell Apartments in Hurghada, that can be 
Registered with the Government."

So you will have peace of mind, knowing that your purchased Hurghada Property is protected
and registered with the Egyptian Government. We are more than happy to explain the process
to you, just ask.

Hurghada Discount Property - Furniture Packages & Kitchens

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Legal Assistance for You

"When purchasing an Apartment for Sale in Hurghada, You will want to
know that everything is being dealt with professionally
and that your investment is secure."

Whether you are buying properties in Hurghada to let, purchasing an apartment for Red Sea holidays, 
investing in Egyptian Real Estate or looking to live in Hurghada, Egypt permanently. Should you decide
to register your property, you will need to secure the services of a local solicitor.

If you require our help in sourcing a legal representative to handle the purchase of your
Red Sea Property in Hurghada, we are able to arrange a local, reputable solicitor at a
competitive price.

We offer this service with the sole intention of ensuring that the purchase of your Red
Sea Property in Hurghada, Egypt goes smoothly.

We would not expect you to use a solicitor that we had not used ourselves.
We therefore recommend the solicitor who completed the purchase of both the Directors'
Hurghada Apartments on the Red Sea in a very efficient, timely and courteous fashion.

"So you can Buy a Property in Hurghada with Complete Confidence, knowing that
You are Being Taken Care of by a Professional Team."

N.B. This service is only a recommendation and is only offered if asked for, you are under no obligation to use
this solicitor or any solicitor for that matter. As always, with Hurghada Discount Property, it is your choice.

Hurghada Discount Property - Furniture Packages & Kitchens

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Ask as Many Questions as You Like

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

"Take your time looking and ask as many questions as you like.
We understand that it is an important decision."

Whether you are looking to purchase an Apartment or buy a Villa for Sale in Hurghada as a Property Investment in Egypt,
a Retirement Home on the Red Sea or a Holiday Getaway in Hurghada. We can help you to find a property in

Please get in touch for further information on Hurghada Holiday Homes, Apartments or Villas
for Sale in Hurghada, Egypt or if you have any questions about Living in Egypt or Moving
to Hurghada on the Red Sea. 

Remember -  we also provide Hurghada Furniture Packages and Hurghada Fitted Kitchens.  

"We are Here to Help You With Your Move to Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt"

Wherever You May be in the World!

Free counters!

Exchange rate fluctuations are beyond our control and the Prices shown for all Apartments
for Sale in Hurghada are based on an exchange rate of 10Le to £1 Sterling.

Once we know what sort of Apartment for Sale in Hurghada you are looking for, we will send
you all of the relevant details that we have and do our best to help you Find a Property.

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** No quibble Return of Your Reservation Fee - Your Reservation Fee will be refunded within 28 days
minus any fees incurred by H.D.P. in the transfer and/or foreign exchange transactions carried out
on your behalf. 

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